Make-up Removal Routine

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Long time - no see. Sorry about that but I've been really busy because of school - luckily it's finally over now. I have my high school diploma and as a class trip after graduation I already traveled with some of my classmates through europe yay! Maybe i'll write another post about that but we'll see. (:

Another reason why i don't have uploaded this much in such a long time here is because of my new blog - beautymacaron. It's another project by me, basically the same kinda thing as this blog, but in german. So if you speak german you may like it better than this one (:

NOW about my post today: the products i use to get rid of my every day make-up. Let's go!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
I already heard SO MUCH about this product. It's like everyone seems to like it and so I obviously (freeeeak) had to try it too as I got the opportunity to travel to france and buy it. At first I was a bit sceptical about it but guys.. this really works. A few friends of mine have tried it aswell and they didn't liked it that much, so i guess it depends.. But anyway since I got it I use it everyday.

bebe more melt away
After I use the Bioderma Product to get rid of my eye-make-up I follow up with the cleaning mousse from bebe to clean my whole face. It smells really good - like all the bebe products and contains jasmine blossom water and papaya milk.

Nivea refreshing toner
To be sure that my face really is clean, I drop a little bit of Nivea's toner on a cotton pad and wipe it all over. It also gives moisture and leaves a fresh feeling on the skin.

That was all - hope you liked it
Have you used any of the mentioned products? Which ones can you recommend?


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