Hydration Month

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So this will be another health-post guys (don't worry: a beauty/fashion related post will be posted soon!) but it is an intention of mine to talk to you about some more "nutrition-things". Since it's the myequa hydration month i'd like to talk to you about the importance of drinking water.

I often catch myself at the end of the day having headache and feeling down realizing that i didn't drank enough. Especially on those occasions where i'm out all day or just sitting on my laptop a lot, I just forget about drinking.

So why i'm telling you all this is because if you struggle with this issue too, there is a new app called myequa who reminds you to drink water and Is able to keep an eye on how much you already drunk. 
That app is ideal If you have a myequa bottle, because you can exacltly tell the app how much water in your bottle is left.
Aaand it's totally free which Is, of course, always a plus :D

Here you can download the app

I find that even just having a pretty water bottle with you all day, helps to reaching out to it more often and to drink more! 

Now to a few benefits of drinking enough Water 

  •  it makes your skin look healthy and glowy
  •  it improves productivity 
  •  it boosts energy
  •  it helps you burn fat
  •  it protects your heart

They are waaayyyy more reasons why you should drink enough, but it is beyond the frame of a blogpost to mention everything! But i guess just these few are enough to convince you! :)

Have a great day and take care! 

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